Hair Removal Laser

There are a growing number of people who answered yes to the question of whether they have embarrassing hair growth where they don't want it. Many people are suffering from too much or unwanted hair.
But it is difficult to remove unwanted hair on your face and body. Traditional hair removal methods - waxing, shaving and chemical depilatories are often unsatisfactory.

Even electrolyses, which extracts hair using an electric current, takes a lot of time and is accompanied by a lot of pain when treating the legs, back and chest.

Since the introduction of laser hair removal by Dr R. Rox Anderson at Harvard Medical School in 1995, the old hair removal methods have been replaced. Through so many years of research, Dr. Anderson would be able to get the result that only hair could been removed selectively if light of wavelength provides to the hair at a steady time. The best subjects for laser hair removal are those with very fair skin and black hair, which more easily absorbs light. When It comes to people with light blond hair and dark or tanned skin, it is unsatisfactory.

"Dream Dermatology & Laser Center" in Korea has been operating well by medical team who took regular course at Harvard Laser Center. The center is equipped with hair removal lasers such as the Gentlase (long pulse alexandrite laser) and Lightsheer (Diode laser) systems that are very popular among Americans. The reason why the facility is equipped with different kinds of hair removal lasers is that coarseness of peoples' hair varies. In some case, two kinds of laser are available to certain people whose hair varies in its coarseness. The common areas treated with lasers are the underarms, legs, the area above the lip, chin, bikini line, eyebrows and neck. All skin types and colors can be treated but darker skin types need test treatment to determine the best laser settings and avoid discoloration.

The number of treatments required will vary with each patient. For most patients, three treatments will result in approximately a 70-90 percent reduction of hair.

The treatment time depends on the area treated. The area above the lip takes only a few minutes while the back or legs can take as long as an hour.